Walnut Creek Cottage and the Red Moon

28 September

We were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful Cottage in Walnut Creek for the weekend. Now all I knew about Walnut Creek is that I had a friend who worked in a pawn shop there (true story) and I was aware where it was on the BART map.

Turns out its awesome for vintage as there are lots of wealthy house wives who donate the contents of their wardrobes! So very excited about the pieces we have acquired here….and it was also lovely to be able to host a party here for all my friends and extended family in the Bay Area who are usually looking after us! 

Our home for the weekend is a cottage full of character, art and antiques! Love Air BnB! The family who lived here (their children now grown up) live next door. They were at hand if we needed them and it was really interesting to meet them and find a bit about the house and their story. She is English, but has been living in California since the 70s after meeting her jazz musician husband. I told her I was from Liverpool and she said she could tell by my accent! Ha!


Whist we were there we had the full red moon. There hasn't been this phenomenon since the year I was born which was a nice touch. Usually in England its too cloudy to ever see any eclipse but here we were in the perfect place and in the perfect time zone! At 7pm the moon was full and very red! The cottage is in a small quiet street and such a good setting to view it! Xander was able to see and understand which was very special.

Every day we would stumble across another beautiful feature within the cottage…such inspirational surroundings!

On the last morning I found a photo album on one of the book shelves of the couple when they first got together in the 70s. The pictures captured the atmosphere of the time perfectly and could have been an editorial spread in a glossy fashion magazine! Just beautiful. It showed a young couple in love and even included their wedding certificate from 1975. She was the beautiful young English rose, and he was the slight older very cool jazz drummer. I've acquired some awesome 70s dresses whilst we were here and it was fun to take some photos in the cottage wearing them! It was a shame that the lighting wasn't right in the morning when we had a chance to try and do a little photoshoot! The light flooded through the house but it meant that we couldn't get the right look in the photos! 


A final lovely happening was when Xander was looking at the drums in the garage as we were packing up and we got talking to our male host. He engaged with Xander and invited us in to their part of the property where a friend of his was playing saxophone. Now I can't confirm who he was but lets just say he was an influential musician who been around a long while…Xander basically was given his own private impromptu concert and it was the perfect end to a most enjoyable weekend!