An Evening with Jim Haynes

Finally we made it down to  down to the 14th arrondissement, where we were attending a very special dinner party... 

Back in 2009 I first heard about Jim Haynes, and his dinner parties every Sunday night. These had been taking place for over 30 years and attracted creative and interesting people from all corners of the world. I had been 'on the list' to attend in January 2010, when we were going to fly in direct to Paris on the Sunday evening after an epic week in Berlin as part of team Rachel Freire for Fashion Week. After a very late night at the Vogue party at the old Hungarian Embassy, lets just say we missed our flight and the rest is history. Anyway I always vowed to get back to Paris and attend Jim's dinner party! When I decided to source the RQV Spring Collection in Paris I set about getting us on the list!

It was an honour to meet Jim and he is such a character! I've wanted to experience and write about it for such a long time but now I've been I almost don't want to write too much! I think if you want to experience it you should get on the list! It was very much an enjoy the moment experience, and so I didn't take many pictures. I did however ask Jim if I could get a picture with him to which he replied 'with or without clothes?'

Great food, great company, my top tip what to do when in Paris.

After our wonderful night we hopped on the 2 to Pigalle and wandered the red light district for a little while before heading back to the hotel to get some 'rest' after our epic day...Ooh la la!