California Dreaming

September 16 2015

I've been a big traveller for over a decade now and have spent a considerable amount of time over in the US. I love to look for vintage in NYC and California especially, so with that in mind it seemed like a great way to end the summer…lets get the winter collection from California!

We arrived at the airport after a crazy Uber trip across town in a torrential downpour! Just had time to check in, clear security, have a shot of Jack in the Duty Free, pop into the Lounge for a quick snack and a glass of vino tinto and then walk straight on to the plane…

My trusty travel partner Xander (aged 2…yes Im a full time Mummy whilst I'm styling me some vintage!) is a absolute dream…so fun to travel with, but then you do also have to be very organised! 


A great Virgin Atlantic flight, a very well behaved child and 11 1/2 hours later we land. Hello CA! There's a heatwave at the moment so its a far cry from London and just what the doctor ordered…after a little relaxation…it's time to find us some vintage….